Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's okay to be thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

(Thanks for combining the link up, I did it myself last Thursday).

It's okay that this is my last Thursday at this job, with this company.  It's SOOOOO okay.  I'm looking forward to moving on and moving up.  It's funny how at the beginning of my two weeks notice, it seemed like a short time with so much to do before I was ready to go.  Now it seems like the longest two weeks ever! (plus the two weeks before that applying, interviewing, and waiting).  I'm thankful for a good opportunity right around the corner. 

It's okay that my lawn mower is finally fixed after about a month (I do my own yard work), but that I had the landscaping company come by one more time this week anyway to mow for me.  It bought me about one more week of freedom before I do it myself again.  It's been nice to have a few weeks off, but I'm sure my neighbors will be glad that the yard work will be consistent again at my house.  I'm thankful that it didn't cost too much to fix or to have yard work taken care of for a few weeks.   

It's okay that, even though I was literally trembling and shaking, I was 100% honest with the HR department on my exit interview.  The trembling and shaking part only happened when I had to tell them details of the sexual harassment.  Funny how just speaking the truth is difficult.  It's also funny to [essentially] confess another person's sins.  I tried to remain positive and honest about my other experiences here, which were mostly good.  I'm thankful for the strength of my own convictions.  I'm not a fearful person, but I was still scared to speak those things.  I'm thankful for the other good things from this job.  It was not all colored by the bad experience.   

It's okay and I'm thankful that it's mid-June, and it still doesn't feel like real summer around here. 

It's okay that we are going to be celebrating a baby by showering a mom-to-be this weekend.  I'm thankful for her health, the baby's health, and the fact that I get to see a long-lost cousin at the shower! 

It's okay that I might be knocking out one of my summer projects this weekend by painting the looong, dark, ugly bedroom hallway.  It's the only space in my house that hasn't been painted since I moved in.  I finally chose a beautiful yellow that's creamy and not like highlighter yellow.  I'm excited.  I'm thankful that my dad is an awesome painter.  He will be helping me with this.  "Happy Father's Day, dad!  I'm "giving" you the opportunity to paint my hallway!"  I need to come up with a real Father's Day/thank you gift for him.  In 2 days.   



  1. Thanks for your funny comments on my post. Your 12 year old brother? Yikes! And I love that you're 31 and no married with kids yet! I'm enjoying living my life...and maybe later that will include someone else. Ya know?

    That's amazing you were honest in your exit interview and I'm so glad you have new opportunities around the corner!


  2. I guess I should clarify...12 years OLDER THAN I AM brother (not a 12-year-old, but a 43-year-old) but a 12-year-old would have been even funnier!

  3. I was just thinking today that it can't possible be June! The weather has been beautiful here (with a humid day every now and then).

    1. I know. Knock on wood, it hasn't been too terrible of a summer (yet)!


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