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7QT: Seven Quick Takes (Volume VI)

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I do.  

We got married a little over 4 months ago, but finally got our wedding DVD last week.  The day was such a blur, so many intense emotions, that there was a lot I didn't remember fully or get a chance to take in.  It was awesome to watch it again.  At the risk of sounding narcissistic (I think weddings can be one of the most narcissistic times in life), our wedding was beautiful.  The church, the music, the flowers, the reception.  In watching it, I thought to myself that it was exactly what I would have wanted my wedding to be.  It was so full of meaning for us personally, each reading, each song, each person involved.  It was classy and elegant, but fun and celebratory.  What a lovely memory.  Here's a link to one of the most beautiful songs in existence that was sung at our wedding, Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart - hail, true body.  Amen!

6 out of 7

Last Sunday I received the sacrament of the sick (anointing of the sick?) at church.  I've now received 6 of the 7 sacraments (and all 6 that I'm eligible for!).  Since we got married, I have been sick almost non-stop.  I don't want to complain, and I kept thinking it would go away, but I have been to the doctor 10 times in the last 4.5 months.  Just when I get better, another infection hits.  I have had repeated UTIs (urinary tract infections).  Sorry if that's TMI for anyone.  I know it's the "newlywed illness."  Yes, I get the connection between certain activities and certain sicknesses, but this has been excessive.  I don't even want to count up how much money on medicine, co-pays, x-rays, etc. I have spent.  I know it's not life-threatening, but it's exhausting.  I have gotten fearful of enjoying intimacy with my husband because every time, without fail, I have gotten sick.  I have followed every single wives' tale out there from vitamins to cleansing rituals to eliminating caffeine and alcohol, etc.  The first 4 times I went to the doctor, I think she sort of wrote me off like "you're a newlywed."  Finally after 2 more months of suffering and 2 more infections, she sent me to a specialist.  Nothing is actually wrong, which is good, it's just frustrating.  I also wonder if there is a connection between NFP and UTIs.  I blog pretty anonymously, so I'm comfortable talking about this online, but I know no one in my "real life" who practices NFP, much less is having chronic UTIs and would care to discuss a possible connection.  All that to say, we brought in the big guns last Sunday.  I know there is so much worse going on in the world, but this has been quite an ordeal lately for us.  


Speaking of the big guns, we also had our house blessed last weekend.  It was a joyous occasion with our priest friend and a few others joining us for dinner and a blessing.  Not to be paranoid or superstitious, but we really do believe in the power of sacraments and sacramentals (holy water, etc.) My husband and I had to fight lots of opposition in preparing for marriage (everything from a near death car wreck for him to anti-Catholic parents for me).  Since we got married, I think the attacks have subsided somewhat, but what more would the devil love than to discourage practicing Catholics?  (See #2).  We want to let the world know (and the spiritual, invisible world to know too) that our house is claimed for Christ. 

Here is a link to some of the liturgy we used.  

"O God, protect our going out and our coming in; Let us share the hospitality of this home
with all who visit us, that those who enter here may know your love and peace.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.


Are Catholics supposed to celebrate Valentine's Day?  Is it just a made-up holiday with commercialism behind it?  I don't know, but my husband and I "celebrate."  (We did when we were dating too.)  I think we view it as one more way to express our love, and yet realize that all year long, we should look for ways to care for one another.  What do you do?  What do you think about the subject?  

Appreciation and Acceptance.

I read this interesting article about relationships that stated that love isn't enough.  I've always believed that, too.  "All you need is love" seemed hollow to me.  What does love mean?  What type of love?  Another article made its way around the internet recently that stated that kindness and openness to your spouse (their ideas, doing new things, etc.) were what made a relationship stick.  This article states that appreciation and acceptance of your spouse is a surefire way to express your love consistently.  This rings true to me.  Coming from a psychologist, this also seems researched and sound.  Maybe all you need is love, as long as you find a way to express that love in a way your spouse can receive.  I'm working on presence, intention, listening, etc.  I need to work on appreciation.  What do you think of the article?    


Ugh.  No.  Are we already back at Lent again?!  I have had such a hard time with Lent since becoming Catholic.  Each year, I think, "this will be the year that I fast, go to mass daily, give everything I own to the poor, and come out the other end of 40 days as a great person."  That has yet to happen.  All kidding aside, I need to figure out how to celebrate Lent in a balanced, non-self-hating way that expresses both penance and hope.  I'm going to be thinking long and hard about what to give up or what to take on, what to do differently.  I need to pick something that challenges me, while also picking something do-able that will remind me of what this is all about.  Maybe this will be the year I don't hate Lent.


That's all I got.  Happy Friday the 13th, Valentine's Day Eve.  

XOXO.  May love abound in your world.  

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  1. UTIs are no joke, so don't feel like you're complaining too much. Left untreated it can turn into kidney issues, dehydration, and other nasty stuff. I hope you get it figured out soon!!


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