Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Day in the Life

I thought I'd do a run-down of a typical week for me.  I'm curious what our daily routines look like.  How are we all so similar?  How are we different?

Monday through Thursday
wake-up (reluctantly, after hitting snooze a gazzilion times)

get dressed and ready for work; pack lunch; take breakfast to go

drive to work whilst eating breakfast, doing makeup, and fighting traffic; it takes one
hour on a good day, usually more like 1.5 hours, sometimes up to 2 hours or more

get to work, settle in; have two cups of coffee; check email; review to do list; realize it's
10 AM, I am somehow an adult with a job who somehow made it to work, and I need to get to work
(around 10 AM, I finally, really wake up)

work, workity, work, work
(I basically do a computer-coding type of job in a higher education setting)

I take a lunch around 1 PM because it makes the remaining hours of the workday go
faster; I usually read a book while I eat; if it's not terrible weather, I eat outside, and I almost always end my lunch break with a 10-20 minute walk and call my husband to check in and say "hi"

more work, workity, work, work; usually around 4:45 PM, I hit an inspiration to
get a bunch done before leaving the office; make a to do list for myself to note where to start when I get back to work tomorrow

commute to my car from the office and then to work out facility;  change clothes at work out facility, which is closer to my office than it is to home (this is in an effort to not only be healthy but to avoid traffic - yes, it still takes an hour to get there, even though it's "close" to work)

work out (this is if I'm being good); it's only available Monday-Thursday for me

drive home (traffic is usually not as bad by this point); call my husband on the way
home and make dinner plans; eat a snack (I'm usually starving by now);
Wednesday nights, we sometimes go to the young adult group at church from 7-9

eat dinner with my husband; take out the trash, do dishes, get the mail, do laundry, other fun tasks at home; otherwise relax and hangout together

at some point, I become so tired I can't get off the couch, but I realize it's bed time;  I usually shower at night; we sometimes hang out more in bed (ahem), not just that, but we might watch a movie or a TV show or just talk before falling asleep - it's the only time of day I see my husband, really

somewhere between 10 PM and midnight, we fall asleep

same exact schedule as Monday-Thursday above, except that I leave work at 5:00 PM to drive home instead of work out; that takes usually 1.5-2 hours, then we commence our dinner/hanging out/date night

depending on my husband's schedule, we will wakeup anywhere between 6 AM and 8 AM on Saturdays; he is busy on the weekends, so I wake up when he does to see him, before he starts his day of teaching or gigs; Saturdays are different from weekdays because we cook breakfast together and get a chance to enjoy it together (with coffee, of course) before the day starts

while the husband gets to work, I continue to lounge around in my bathrobe; I may or may not go back to sleep for a few hours; I'll usually shower, make a to-do list, and blink a lot before starting the day on a Saturday; the week really starts to catch up with me by this point

it seems like the to do list is never-ending; if I'm up for it, I will usually work in the study or the guest room or do some deep cleaning of the bathrooms and/or kitchen; if it's been a rough week, I might just sit around and read or relax

the husband is finished teaching or gigging, usually by this point; we will make dinner together or go out for dinner; we might go on a date or get out of the house to do something fun on a Saturday night

(bedtime rituals are the same as the weekdays)

my husband plays at church on Sunday mornings; this is our only morning to "sleep in"; while he gets ready, I usually make breakfast and we eat together; if I'm really on the ball, I will also be getting ready and go to church with him - otherwise, I stay in the bathrobe

hubby plays at church service, and sometimes I tag along; if I stay home, I'll usually clean the kitchen and the living areas, watch religious videos or listen to religious podcasts or do religious readings; I'm not sure how to "keep the Sabbath" because I definitely do "work" on Sundays, but I try to have God in mind more on Sunday than any other time I do those tasks

my husband sometimes has to teach on Sunday afternoons, if so, it'll usually be in this time frame; I usually take a shower and run some errands at this time; if I go to the night service instead of the morning service with him, we leave by 4 PM (he will go twice if that's the case, and come with me)

commute to church, mass at 5 PM, commute home; alternatively, we will make dinner plans, go to the grocery store for the week, and do stuff around the house

hang out, eat dinner, relax by watching a movie or something; it's usually at this time that the grim reality of the weekend being over sets in for me; husband is usually exhausted by Sunday night after a busy weekend, and I get the "Sunday evening blues"

normal bedtime routine commences, we fall asleep so we can start all over again

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