Friday, September 18, 2015

7QT: Seven Quick Takes (Volume XXV)

I'm linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum to bring you seven quick takes from my world this week.  


It may be after Labor Day, and the kids may be back in school, but it's still summer here!  It was 100* when I got into my car the other day after work.  Yipee.  Once it cools off a little bit, we'll be experiencing the best part of living here - "not summer" seasons of "fall," "winter," and "spring." You cannot discern between the three of them, and it makes the rest of the year bearable because of our amazing tepid temperatures during "not summer."


Perhaps this deserves its own post, but I went home last weekend for the first time in about 10 years. Here is my reflection on the trip, which left me very, very emotional.  It was a good trip.

"Leaving after a weekend in my hometown and college town, I have only gratitude now. For all the stuff that went on there. For the fun, the abuse, the stupidity, and memories. God had a reason for placing me in the family he did and for giving me the friends he did. It's funny, I'm known there as a musician, primarily, whereas in my new city, it's my husband who is primarily known as a musician. It was nice to see many loving people from my past, and it was so bittersweet to be reminded of so much. Sweet because even the negative parts seem surmountable. They are all a part of the journey, of my story. I can embrace them all - being told I look exactly like my mother, cringing at mistakes I made, remembering the intensity and conflict of childhood. I'm starting now to truly "see it all as gift." For growing up in a beautiful place, in the middle of nowhere, with amazing opportunities for the arts and a good education...we didn't have much money, but I was given so much. For all of it, I am so grateful."


We went to my hometown because a college friend got married last weekend.  (My college town is about an hour from my hometown.)  It was wonderful to see her get married.  He's a great match for her. 

They had a Christian ceremony.  She's Presbyterian, he's Episcopalian, and they had a ceremony in the Methodist church.  I was really happy to hear the Bible readings and to sing a hymn, and hear prayers.  I was left with the impression that their faith is somewhat important to them, but not necessarily the most important thing.  I say that with no judgment.  I'm thrilled they had a Christian wedding.  

I wonder what will happen to the next generation, though.  Her parents are definitely more devout than she is.  She is devout in a Jesus=social justice kind of way.  And, I wonder how they will raise their children.  As beautiful as the ceremony was, I wonder if it is one generation from religious indifference/agnosticism.  Of course, we cannot control our children or force a religious experience on them.  We all must experience and find God for ourselves.  

It made me wonder - is God truly the most important thing in my life?

So what?  Now what?

We finished the Symbolon series in our Wednesday night group.  Now it's on to Father (now Bishop) Barron's The Mystery of God.   Symbolon ended with a review of Catholic Social Teaching.  It was very convicting to me.  We are told how we will be judged - by what we did to the least of these.  I feel sure I am not doing enough. 

So, to that end, I did one small thing this week.  I donated to the Catholic Relief Services refugee fund.  That is one worldwide crisis in which I feel totally helpless.  CRS is a reputable organization, and we can do one small thing by donating to them.  It's better than inaction. 

I have also resolved to carrying around water and granola bars in the car (at a friend's suggestion) in order to pass out to the homeless.  I always feel so torn when approached.  In a big city, you're approached often.  So, this is something I can do.  

As I wrote about previously, I'm really trying to figure out what to do for the Year of Mercy.  These are small things I can do for now.  I hope to add to this.  


My husband and I are looking for new Catholic friends, specifically couples.  We successfully went to dinner with one couple from church a few weeks ago.  And, then the other day I got the phone numbers of another couple from church.  As much as it's a little awkward putting yourself out there (if feels like asking someone out), both gestures were well received, and we hope to have either both couples over for dinner sometime or to go out as a group.  I'm so happy that this may turn into something.  It's an answer to prayer because we really need to feel that we are not alone in our Catholic identity in this new stage of life.  Fingers crossed, and thank you Jesus.


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St. Augustine.

I came across this quote from St. Augustine last night.  God is ultimate beauty, goodness, and truth. None of us know how much time we have on earth.  May we make the most of our days by loving him fully.   

"Late have I loved you, O beauty so ancient and so new; late have I loved you!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This week, it's on my heart to pray for the repose a friend's mother who died and a different friend's father who died.  Also, to pray for a close family member in crisis and an aunt facing physical challenges.  
That we may all seek God with all our hearts, even amidst the trials of life.  
That those who have faith in the resurrection may be comforted in times of grief. 


  1. It seems most weddings I attend these days spirituality is pretty far down the list of priorities. Even when a priest or other minister is performing the service it's obvious he doesn't really know the bride and groom personally. I know spirituality and choosing a religion and a specific church in which to raise children didn't become a priority for me and my husband until we'd been married about five years, so I don't tend to worry. But it does make me that much happier when I attend a wedding that the bride and groom are both recognizing as a sacrament, and seeing them embrace God as part of their union. I know those couples are starting out with a better support system than most!

  2. You're so right. This gives me hope. I need to pray for my friends and practice my own faith. I was very glad to hear the name of Jesus and the readings/prayers. Definitely more meaningful than some of the 100% secular ceremonies I've attended.

  3. Oh man, the couple dating. Finding friends as a couple, and then as a mom, is SO much worse than dating in order to find a spouse. We pretty much floundered until we found the young adult group at our parish, and starting hosting events. Good job putting yourself out there!

  4. Ha ha ha. Isn't it so awkward!!? It's hard to put yourself out there. We have used our young adult group as a "source" for friends. Lots in common, lots to go on...but still awkward at first. I know it'll pay off.


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