Friday, April 13, 2012


i might sound like a hater, but there are some things i'm really sick of.  they were maybe cute the first time, but... SO over it.

1) vintage, journalistic photoshoots for families, engagements, weddings, etc.  yes, we all know that you and your loved ones like the vintage look of making out on a railroad track.  yes, nothing sums up you and your suburban family more than walking away from the camera in a sunny field of wildflowers wearing cowboy boots that you'll never wear again that you probably bought just for that day.  sure, your diamond rings look great on that flower petal, just there by accident, sparkling in the sun like they do.  and finally, i know all of my friends and i jump on the count of three at any given time, or walk ponderously across a city sidewalk in our sunday best.  i dunno.  they were cool when they were new, but now that EVERYONE'S pictures look like this, it's a little forced and cliche.  what ever happened to good ole' olan mills?  or, isn't there a happy medium between casual and posed?  like, it's okay to look at the camera and smile, even IF you're in the middle of an abandoned train station canoodling.  and my biggest pet peeve within this photo-genre - i hate it when you can only see the chick's face of an engagment/wedding photo.  i get that you're capturing her emotion of being all IN LOVE.  but, who's the dude whose shoulder she is draped upon?  i like both faces, smiling, hopefully facing the camera.  i guess i'm old-fashioned.   

2) dogs or cats as children.  okay.  you may hate me for this one.  i don't have kids OR pets.  i've even thought of getting a dog.  and while we're on the topic, i've thought of having children too.  HOWEVER.  i hate it when people treat their animals like their children.  or even refer to them as their children.  i mean, animal cruelty is bad.  a crime, even.  but, there is really no equivalent to human interaction.  and if you think having a dog is anything like a child, think again.  you can train a dog and kind of be done with it.  a child takes at least 18 years of interactive "training" to help them grow into the way they should be.  that's like once saying a kid is potty-trained, you're done.  there's no comparison.  and, i know a dog keeps you warm at night, but a child can carry on your legacy, your name, your heritage... for generations.  make decisions, inherit your wealth, and a whole HOST of other things that are obvious when considering the difference between humans and animals.  i know people who have taken off work to attend to their dogs post-surgery.  that's fine.  i know people who don't have anyone but a furry loved one to love them.  that's fine too.  but, seriously, they are not people or children.  they are pets.  and as a side note... PLEASE don't bring them to work unless it's a medical, working animal.  some of us have allergies and are a little annoyed that you're feeding your dog bottled water, throwing them a lavish birthday party, and getting them a diamond studded collar.  meanwhile, there are children starving or being abused probably within your own city.  i mean, where is the love?  (of humans)

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