Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK Thursdays:

1)  It's okay that I'm wearing leggings today because I didn't shave my legs.  (Gross, sorry.)
2)  It's okay that I have already picked out the wedding rings I like, even though my boyfriend and I aren't engaged yet.
3)  It's okay that I have gay friends I love, yet I still feel torn about the issue of gay marriage.  Am I ignorant?  Is it Catholic guilt?  Am I a terrible person for not whole-heartedly supporting it?  I relate to President Obama who said his position was evolving, although I suppose his ideas have stopped evolving and arrived at acceptance. 
4)  It's okay that the extra hour we are working Monday-Thursday this summer is killing me because I know I am going to love my Friday afternoons off.
5)  It's okay that I have naturally curly hair, and I can put some gel in wet hair, scrunch it, and go.  (see numbers 1 and 4).  Running behind.
6)  It's okay that no matter what time I seem to go to bed, the morning always comes too soon, and I push snooze, and feel rushed.
7)  It's okay that I have finally gotten my blood sugar problems under control by changing what I eat.  In the meantime, I have neglected working out, which will throw things off again.  One thing at a time...
8)  It's okay that coffee without sweetener of any kind doesn't taste as good as coffee with sweetener. (see number 7) 
9)  It's okay that within the next week, I will be (lap)topless until I have saved up for a new computer.  Here's to being (and staying) debt free.


  1. I have gay friends too, who I love very much, and I still don't agree with gay marriage. You're not terrible, it's okay! :)

  2. I not only have gay friends but have gay family members! I'm totally with you in not knowing how to feel about the gay marriage. I know in my heart that God loves all of us equal but feel that his intentions were man and wife for marriage! I think that people should never judge! That is gods job not ours!!


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