Monday, May 14, 2012


So, GCB has been cancelled.  I absolutely love and adore Kristin Chenoweth.  I think she and Annie Potts stole the show. 

Now, as someone who lives in a similar setting as GCB, I related to the show in the sense that it's the bible belt around here some times.  People with money AND bible thumpers go together in a strange, captivating way.

I, personally wasn't offended by the show.  As KC said, there is a difference between making fun of religion and having fun with religion.  I can see how some would find it offensive, but it's comedy.  It was exagerrating to make a point, and I think it was funny at times.

But, I gotta say, the show wasn't as funny as the season wore on.  I mean, really...the 'kidnapping' in Juarez was so unrealistic.  Throw in an appearance by Sandra Bernhart...  It made no sense, and it wasn't really acted well.  I suppose if that particular scene were acted well, then it would have seemed ridiculously over-acted and over-dramatic.

So, yes, I'm sad to see GBC go.  But, at the same time, after the turn the season took, I don't blame the network.  What started as a cute, good idea (with plenty of material), turned into patheticly unrealistic story lines and not-so-stellar acting. 

Have you gotten your tickets to see Kristin Chenoweth's concert tour?  Now that would be worth it.  I've seen her sing live once, and it was phenomenal.

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