Monday, June 11, 2012

Snapshots - work

I think it's interesting to look at the same set of facts/circumstances at different times in life.  It's sometimes a good checkpoint to see where you've been, where you're going, or how it's gone.  I like to call them snapshots, and I do them for different categories of my life (work, family, relationships, money, etc.)   

May 25, 2011 versus May 25, 2012

May 25 of 2011, I interviewed for a different job out of state.  My job at the time was miserable.  That week, I remember that my boss had recently called a very good and capable co-worker names and ridiculed him in a staff meeting.  Meanwhile, the same boss was ignoring complaints I had about a different co-worker who had been sexually harassing me, and had openly admitted to me that he drinks on lunch break and had slept with students.  I was really, really frustrated.  I had been lied to, taken advantage of, and I had work with with a lazy jerk.  I was tired of being half of team Dumb and Dumber.  The longer I stayed, the more I felt like an idiot for staying.  I drove through some horrible storms on the way to my interview that day.  I believe 5 tornadoes touched down.  I kept thinking to myself, "Do I really want a change so bad that I'm willing to drive several hours in storms and driving rain for the chance?  If I get this job, do I really want to try to sell my house and relocate in less than a month?"  And the answer kept coming back, "Yes.  I most definitely do want a change that bad."  I didn't end up getting that job, but it was good to get another interview under my belt.  They picked an internal candidate, but I had dusted off my resume and gotten my interview skills polished again.  I was happy that I had taken concrete action to change my situation, even if it didn't pan out. 

May 25 of 2012, was another day at my current job, a job I started in February.  Because it's summer (and a Friday), I got off at noon.  I had applied for an interviewed for a job on a whim a week before this May 25.  That Friday, I was waiting on pins and needles to hear the outcome, I had interviewed just 2 days earlier.  All of my references told me they had gotten calls about me after my interview, which I took as a good sign, but I didn't want to assume that it meant I got the job.  I was cautiously optimistic, but content to stay put if that's what happened. 

Between one May 25 and another, I had left a toxic situation for a good one, and I had taken the steps to go from a good to an even better situation.  I was content (am content) at my job, but applied for this new one, nonetheless.  When I think of myself driving through storms for the chance at a change, one year ago, I'm reminded of how far I've come.  I did get the change I was looking for by getting this job, and it has proven to be a valuable training ground in a new skill set.  I never would have been qualified for my new job I'm about to have, without getting the current job I have.  Between last May 25 and this one, I had applied to at least 5 jobs, gone on 3 job interviews, and in the process got 2 new jobs.  (3 new jobs if you count my 3rd job I had this year teaching a course).  Between last May 25 and this one, I did manage to dump the toxic stuff, and I think I got stronger in the process.  The drama never died down.  In fact, it just culminated until the day I left.  Again, this post only focuses on my work life, but when you spend 40(+) hours per week doing something, it's important that it's a good situation.  That's a huge part of your life.  I can't say what a peaceful feeling it has been to work around adults who are professional, consistently do their job, and are polite/pleasant to be around.  My co-workers are definitely not my new BFFs.  They have been nothing but kind to me.  A detached, healthy relationship is pretty great for the workplace, especially compared to a very up-close, obnoxious, and hostile one.  I'll take it.

And so it goes. 

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